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You are probably here because you desire some change, let's start today!

Become inspired and empowered! For Jewelry check out my shop or book 'Custom Jewelry Session'



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For Dragon Lovers, customize your Dragon Jewelry and pick your Dragon Guide!


Services may include:

-Energy Healing

- Guided Meditation


-Crystal Healing

-NLP* Techniques

-Kinesthetic Energy Movement**

-Empathic Listening

-German Language Sessions

-Energy Clearing



-Custom Jewelry

*NLP is a set of tools that will help you decipher your internal map of the world and make intentional changes so you may reach your goals and desired outcomes by removing limiting beliefs. These beliefs usually lurk in the unconscious mind and are given to us by our parents, teachers, family members, and environment. 

Have you ever spoken to someone and realized something for yourself after saying it out loud? Sometimes surprised by what you said?

NLP coaching is about these realizations and creating a plan to change limitations step-by-step to attract things we want. And make use of strong patterns.

Richard Bander and John Grinder invented NLP for Therapists. Today it is widely applied in the business world and the movie/music industry, commercials, and sales.

**Kinesthetic Energy Movement is a set of movements where you move energy through your body for many benefits such as more energy, healing, pre-workout, adjusting posture, and much more. Anyone can learn to do it as it is quite simple.

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