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About Tarot and Oracle Cards

Many wonder about tarot and oracle cards, some religious people judge and avoid readers who use them and others are even scared! But what are they really and why do some take a step back when someone is involved with tarot and oracle cards? The answer is simple! These Cards are used to 'go finishing' in the subconscious and unconscious mind to find answers, things we know but aren't aware of. People are afraid because they're in denial about things or simply don't want to know that they have the power to change things and that they may be their problem in an issue. Tarot is all about facing yourself, especially the shadow side of self. So, it is only natural that some people are afraid. They want to stick to what they know and the information they find externally. They're okay with only using 20% of their mind which is the conscious part. You can say that they're even afraid of their spirit. For those who are brave or seeking the truth about a subject or matter I have included some pictures of a few Oracle and Tarot Card decks that I use, click on the image to expand the view. Book your Tarot reading today in the Services section. You may also book the Tarot Session to learn how to read them for yourself!

I have a special Reading/Horoscope available for the Year of the Dragon. 

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