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About is a single-mom-owned business. My main goal throughout this pursuit is to raise the vibration of the collective human consciousness by reaching those who are open to receiving tools, guidance, and ascension-based work. I have over 30 years of integrated knowledge in brain-based, metaphysical and spiritual studies. I specialize in different forms of divination, NLP, design talisman, energy clearing, energy healing (in-person distance, and guided), protective magic, yoga, and more! My divination techniques include Intuitive readings, tarot and oracle card readings, kinesiology, and pendulum reading. Check the services tab for readings and more.


These services are a holistic choice and for metaphysical and spiritual guidance and are never intended to substitute medical treatment or therapy. Legally I must say this is for entertainment purposes only. I am not a medical professional and any clearings, readings, or spell work is not to be used or substituted for medical advice. If you are experiencing any symptoms of a physical or mental illness, please consult with your doctor or medical professional. Upon payment, the buyer agrees that the seller is not legally responsible or accountable for any actions made by the buyer or others that have been interpreted or influenced by the clearing, reading, or spell. The seller does not condone, recommend, or hint at any unlawful, inappropriate, or immoral actions in any way, shape, or form throughout any part of their clearings, readings, or spellwork.

Who is Mojan?

Mojan is a Mother,  and a Healer, she is a channel for Grace and has studied and practiced a vast variety of transformational arts. In a safe space, she brings forward what one inherently knows yet forgot or is in denial about. She's skilled at moving through different levels of consciousness and can help clients to reach desired goals by bringing awareness to the shadow self that many aren't fully aware of yet. This shadow Self can bring much pain and suffering but also strength and joy once transformed. It is her greatest passion to see others step into self-empowerment and gain more awareness about themselves.

How she can help you

Mojan supports her clients' process to cast light on shadows. Along with nudges, she helps bring awareness so the client so can experience the opportunity to face and transform fear into strength and bring healing to the mind and spirit. She guides people to discover their energy healing abilities. She has trained many healers and is excited to create more!

In her own words:

When one lacks information or is simply in the 'dark' about something they usually seek solutions outside of themself.

I can guide you to find the light/information within yourself and assist in managing the transformation process of bringing light into shadows. This process takes sincerity and devotion. Once something changes within, the outside world also takes a new shape. It takes courage to face the shadow self and a desire for change. Change is the only constant and we always have a choice in how we approach it.

Prerequisites to working with Mojan

Not everyone is ready to face their shadow with honesty and integrity. This is why Mojan's expectation is to meet clients on a level of dedication and commitment to their own process. Only one can change thyself so Mojan acts as a Guide and cannot do it for you.


Only you can choose to move toward self-empowerment and self-realization. Be brave and accept the power you already have! It takes courage and a choice to step into your strength and stop making excuses. Face your fears and stop sacrificing your soul for your ego! Let's pull back the veil and reveal the most magnificent part of you, your soul! You must book the initial session to qualify for other services. The number one rule is: Do your homework! This is a sacred work so treat it as such! Enjoy the unfolding that is you! I'm thrilled to be your guide.


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My Philosophy

Every thought is a prayer, every word is an affirmation!

My Philosophy is that everyone is responsible for their own happiness and that we need goals in life to work toward. Then, we can move forward and keep from falling into past mistakes and patterns. "Always reflect, look forward, and rarely back". My goal is to support every client to transform their shadows into strengths. Anyone can choose to move out of the victim/abuser mentality and step into empowerment and self-realization. It may not be 'easy' but nobody has to do it alone! The time of the lone wolf is over.

My heart is filled with passion and love for sharing cosmic truths. I'm committed to sharing my wisdom and knowledge with others. I only work with people who desire to find their personal gifts and follow their life's purpose. My experience and training allow me to draw upon a wide variety of holistic approaches. This enables me to create a customized plan for any individual to reach desired goals while becoming more aware of self and gaining control over health and happiness. I use all of my abilities to be an enrichment to anyone that crosses my path and hope to reach more people on this divine path we're all on. 


I invite you to explore the world of mindful transformation with me and awaken a part of yourself that has been asleep or in the shadow. I would be honored to be your guide.

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My Specializations

Coaching: Light=Information, Darkness (Stagnation)=Lack of Information. When we bring awareness to the subconscious we gain greater awareness about our capabilities and can learn to manage the unconscious which is the most challenging to manage. It's the lightbulb moment when we realize something we weren't aware of before. We gain a part of ourselves back that was left behind in our history. This process is most rewarding and the reason I specialize in Energy Alchemy in my coaching sessions. It takes courage to face your shadows, pride can hinder this process so absolute honesty is key. Yet many have to find this space within themself and allow imperfections to surface but also give them a chance to be liberated. In a safe space, one can unfold their spiritual/mental/emotional luggage. Also called lead or heavy energy that weighs you down due to stress and fulfillment of expectations and pressure we allow daily by ourselves and others. Healing must be your choice, no more running from yourself. It's safe to be powerful. Allow the spells(traumas) you're under to break and take back your power! The empowered you is the thriving you, the coward shies until he's brave enough to face himself. Courage means to stand in fear and grief or anger but face it with grace and love. You cannot beat yourself down and expect yourself to thrive. Anyone can learn to be more gentle and kind to themself and then others. Create a chain of joy and avoid joining the chains of pains others are on and watch your world transform. Grace is a virtue, make it yours for the world needs more of that.

Energy Healing: Our cells, organs, chakras, our whole being is full of information. Most of which we are not consciously aware of because we learn to direct our focus outward. Many haven't learned to bring their awareness inside the Self yet. The good news is that you're here! You've already aligned with a unique way to bring forward solutions and healing. This can involve a wide range of Energy Studies (QiGong) and Meditation practices including energetic clearing, energy focusing and moving, as well as energy transmutation. Similar to Reiki but a more interactive form of Energy Healing. During the healing process, the inner healer awakens, and eventually, the client becomes the healer.

Advisor: Guiding others to transform their own energy is a passion of mine and my goal is to create more Healers and Alchemists by supplying them with tools and well-rounded practices.  If I choose not to take you on as a client I can still help! View me as a course advisor so if we aren't a good match I will direct you to trustworthy sources and resources that can be helpful and beneficial to you. The goal is to light up humanity again with universal law, love, and grace, thank you for being here future Healers, Coaches, Mystics, Visionaries, Mediators, Advocates, Heroes, Storytellers, Queens, Kings, Spiritual Seekers, Parents, Artists, Networkers, and Alchemists


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