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Build Energy Stamina with KEM

  • 21Days
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KEM stands for Kinesthetic Energy Movement. This program is suited for Empaths and Healers of all kinds. Especially Massage Therapists due to the clearing and recharging benefits. You'll learn to build your energy stamina and store energy for Healing. You'll start with kinesthetic energy movement followed by an energy meditation. Doing this at least 2-3 times a week will help build your energy stamina as well as physical strength. Kinesthetic energy movement training and energy stamina meditation are the perfect tools to use before any exercise routine and will give you more energy through aura expansion and better circulation resulting in the opening of the meridian channels. Join the zoom class as often as possible or use the video provided. This program is also a great tool to have for self-healing and self-care in general. Complete all the steps to receive your next badge. See you in class!

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