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Sexual Energy

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

How does Energy expand through Sex and can one indeed obtain enlightenment through making love?

Many point at the bed and say this is where the magic happens but what does this mean?

It means you're mixing energy through the physical and emotional senses and etheric bodies. The feeling of bliss connects you to your higher self and the connection to the higher self gives you a natural high. It is a process of weaving energies. Some believe that through tantric[1] sex one can reach enlightenment. However, how does it work? Also, what about the porn industry that shows us that sex should be very painful especially to women? Boys then have expectations and at times even overlook the fact that their partner is in pain. So many women ignore the fact that it hurts and 'take' the pain to make their partner happy? Many of my female friends haven't experienced a real orgasm until the end of their 20's or 30's. Many never have one and lose interest in sex altogether. So, isn't it better to be able to feel your energy and the energy and intention of your lover before you decide to mix energies since this energy influences your well-being? Unfortunately, sex has become a subject that parents don't want to talk about, making it harder for their children to develop healthy sexual lives and relationships. So many see the physical body as an object for pleasure. Growing up in Germany I learned in school that the human body is part of nature and not disgusting which is the opposite of how the body is viewed in many cultures. Some people connect a naked body with sex only. There is much shaming going on. When we fully accept and embrace our sexuality and what the act genuinely means, we can activate parts of our ‘junk DNA’ and put it to use. Moving us closer to the true nature of humanity before our DNA was unplugged from the Chakra system. Through Tantric Sex one can achieve enlightenment but it takes devotion and Spirit to the practice of Tantra.

[1]The definition of the word Tantra means to ‘weave’ or ‘balance’ The focus of Tantra is liberation through balance & connection, which is used to achieve enlightenment, sexually or spiritually. Tantra can be practiced in many ways such as meditation and sex. ( Source )


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