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From Head to Heart

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

In the new Energy, it is essential for survival to live from the Heart!

As life keeps shifting some of us keep up with the new Energies coming in and others are still trying to avoid the shifts. These shifts are inevitable because the things we avoid like emotions, situations, and fear will surface in one way or another because of the change in the atmosphere. So, how can we shift our perception and judgment from the intellect to the heart? Well, the answers are many! It takes mindfulness and acceptance to start. Adding Meditation or Yoga is helpful, or maybe even QiGong and other physical practices that include Meditation. Meditation techniques are plenty and there seems to be a large growth to the Yoga community! I bet if we take all these Yogis and put them in schools it would create a massive positive change for this country! Teachers and Children would finally breathe deeply again. That would be a way to shift from intellect to heart for a lot of people. Focusing on our every emotion and thought and allowing it to come and pass without criticizing oneself for it. Gentleness and inner peace and the discontinuing of the battle within must bring about this change of 'brain' so to speak. We will keep reflecting on what we're hiding from and the things we push against will face us for it is how Energy flow. Call it Karma or 'Intentional Focus', light = information that connects to grace. Express it however it fits but there is a need for relaxing and releasing stress and thoughts and judgment. Breathing deeply and quit pacifying and ignoring signals from the body and intuition. It's time to wake up to new truths and let go of all the old ways of teaching. For it is the heart that leads through the new Energetic shifts. Daily gratitude practices and acts of kindness will become the norm. Heaven, as we know about it from many books and cultures is in fact accepting and loving oneself and others and celebrating diversity. Replacing worry and fear with faith in grace is where our true power lies. We have all the information needed to create a better tomorrow so what is stopping us? Most people have become too comfortable where they are so they will be forced to move by becoming uncomfortable. All that is needed is to work oneself and if that's a challenge then find a coach or teacher that can help. We are not sick, there is no need for therapy or medication any longer. We need to love and encourage each other rather than hate! If hating is easy then loving should be much easier unless you're still stuck on jealousy. But continuous work on the quality of our habits and character is desperately needed. Who admittingly commits to their shadow traits? So, make light of those things in the dark and love yourself anyway and promise yourself to be better to you so you can be a valuable human being to the world. The world will shift one person at a time, when will you become part of it or are you still ok with pushing against and avoiding it? Remove blockages by allowing what you're avoiding and move forward with grace. Be blessed! And remember I'm always here to help!


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