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From the Outside Looking In

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

What others think does not matter. What's important is you are connected to who you truly are. Always making it right for others means betraying yourself and you're bound to fail in making yourself happy!

A woman is sitting on the bus and feels uncomfortable because someone is staring at her. Instead of ignoring it, she keeps her focus on him and the discomfort grows. Now she feels that he may hurt her and her fear grows. Finally, she arrives at her stop and gets off the bus just to find that the man is still staring at the area she was seated. The bus passes by and she sees the sign that was right behind her saying: stare at this picture until you see the star! She feels very silly about it and moves on with her day.

How many of us go through a misunderstanding as to such and never know what might have appeared to us in a way only conceived through our physical senses. Our 6th sense however will tell us that we are safe unless we're really in trouble. But how do we develop this sense? How do we figure out what our preconceived emotions are and which is a signal from our soul? The answer is simple!

Our soul speaks on a heart frequency so if the words you hear are spoken with love then the message is from your soul! But if it's fear and you keep finding yourself feeling it then it's like inviting something fearful to happen. Another way to know and feel is to meditate or feel the energy. Through developing your energy senses you can tune into your 6th 7th senses.

Often we tend to do what we think others want. We say what we think they want to hear and we do things because we're accepted or loved but this type of love is never true because it is conditioned. The best policy is to make yourself happy by simply being you! If you don't like who you are then you're only one choice away from becoming the person you desire. That's why I offer my Soul-Map Sessions. Find out more in the Services tab. Be blessed!


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