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Response-able Me Doll

Updated: May 23

A mindfulness practice

Many inquire about meditation and mindfulness and asked for techniques to find more awareness of thoughts. It’s about observing oneself before thoughts ran rampant and the emotions have been anitiated. In Taoism I learned that it is easier to see the body, thoughts, and emotions as separate from self by repeating my body is not me it’s mine, my thoughts are not me they’re mine, and my emotions are not me they’re mine. I have found that when one’s focus is primary focused externally then an external object can be helpful. While exploring to find the solutions for a client of mine a memory of myself when I was 5 flashed before my eyes. I remembered that I used to tell my favorite doll everything. I still have the doll and my children find it creepy but every time I went through hard times I would speak to my doll who’s name is the same as mine (Mojan). It helped a lot since I found many solution to challengers just by simply speaking things out loud. Especially when I have little clue about how to respond to being bullied when I was a teen. I call her my responsible Mojan. When I don’t want to take responsibility for something since I haven’t a clue on how to respond then I turn to my doll and first respond the way I want to and then organize my thoughts and emotions to the way I want to respond and repeat that until it feels mine. So for those who need someone to blame or someone to take responsibility I suggest that you get a doll that may or may not look like you and start with the doll until you can take responsibility for your thoughts and emotions and choose a more useful response in any given situation. The more you turn to your doll the easier new useful though patterns are formed and eventually you rarely need to blame or need someone or something else to take responsibility. You’ll become more tuned to your own thoughts and emotions and be more mindful with your response. This method is also helpful for those who have created their soul-map with me. See you in the next class or session!!! Be responsible because otherwise you’re giving your power away!!


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