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Social Emotional Intelligence

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Sometimes...I need to go off on my own. I'm not sad. I'm not angry. I'm recharging my batteries. (By Kristen Butler)

I saw a meme with the above statement and thought about how my world changed when I first became a mother. Finding meditation time happened less even though I needed it more than ever! I was overwhelmed and stressed out after my daughter was born. There were no breaks in sight! My Ex-Husband was in the Military which caused him a whole other type of daily stress. I didn't live close enough to relatives and when my daughter was 18 months we moved to El Paso, TX. I was alone with a human being who depended on me 24/7 and self-care became secondary. It was a challenging time but when has life not been challenging? Soon, though I met wonderful people and things became light again. Now, I help mothers, especially those who are empathic to manage better. It seems I always go through an experience, create or find tools and pass them on where needed. It is very fulfilling now that I have accepted the pattern rather than push against and struggle because now I'm allowing the process.

When my daughter was 6 years old I found out that not only was I overwhelmed because of all the mom duties and the little space for me-time but there was also activation of the mother energies in my family! I was feeling decades of overwhelming energy and my path to clearing it started. I meditated on the solution in an attempt to make light of what was really happening. Realizing, accepting, and changing the beliefs carried in the ancestral energy line allowed lots of layers to heal. Today I know that it's also connected to my 'programming' meaning my subconscious mind which was developed when I was a child. When I think about all the children who are empathic and parents and teachers that are overwhelmed I just want to offer my support. Public schools are using military-style patterns because they just don't know how to control these children any longer. Many are exhausted and stressed and in need of working tools. The best tool is mediation and space for introspection. We can no longer ignore the things we feel. Social and Emotional Intelligence means allowing them to feel all emotions and finding the time to sort through them. By ignoring an emotion we allow it to become stronger until unpleasant outbursts happen. So, it is essential for teachers to be emotionally strong in order to create a social atmosphere for children to grow. The behaviors we display as adults are very important so mindfulness is desperately needed. Kinesthetic Energy Movement or any type of QiGong movement guides a heightened level of mindfulness to anyone's meditation practice. If you cannot meditate then perhaps becoming more mindful will be the next beneficial step. The goal here is to open up all sensory channels through energy tuning practices such as QiGong or Yoga then circle back to Meditation. Once peace is found within it also reflects outward. Life will start shifting on its own.


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