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Soul Contracts

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

People in the spiritual community sometimes speak about ‘Soul Contracts’ but what really is that?

Through the work of Carl Jung and many other conscious teachers, we can learn that we perhaps have chosen our life experience before birth! When we meditate daily we uncover these truths and experience epiphanies about ourselves and our life’s purpose. Many come to realize patterns, which’s are archetypal patterns that are connected to our soul contracts. These contracts appear symbolically through 12 Archetypes, 4 of which everyone has and 8 others. This is the foundational wisdom for shadow work! When we know our archetypes and their light and shadow attribute we can make decisions more consciously. This makes it much easier to choose our experiences and not be too consumed and discouraged when we make mistakes and step into our shadows. When we have direction and a clear goal to work toward while staying motivated. So what are soul contracts again? They’re experienced we want to have that function like magnets to align with certain people and experiences so we can grow and transform. Have you ever noticed that you keep meeting the same kind of people? Want to have a different experience? Then reflect and meditate on what your role is so you can choose differently next time to have a new experience.

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