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About Mojan

The Full Story

Since her early years, Mojan was aware of the power of the spoken word. This awareness strengthened throughout her life and she realized how powerful spell work (also called praying) is. The power behind words spoken sincerely can result in miracles. Which has been a large part of Mojan’s experience. In situations that seemed hopeless and dire, she found comfort in the law of attraction and moved her life around in miraculous ways. This can also be YOUR experience! Since her pre-teen years, she searched for the fastest, easiest, and most effective healing methods. She's done lots of research, tried many techniques, and is certified in various holistic healing modalities including Life Coaching.

In her own words:

There has been a prejudice against spellwork or witches since the old days. This hasn’t changed much among churchgoers, but more and more people are realizing that spell work can help deal with challenges. There is power behind prayers, rituals, and affirmations. There is a science behind answered prayers, a 'correct' way to do it. Which can be used to move around obstacles, provide protection, aid in healing, and more. Belief is the key that can unlock the power behind successful spell work. Spellwork is just a form of change work. Change is usually wanted when something desired fails or something unwanted occurs. But there is another form of change that happens through inspiration! I aim to inspire others to break unwanted patterns and move past limitations. I see myself as an 'inspirational witch' and have accepted the title of Muse. This website is a school for witches and those aspiring to become one. After taking a break to work on personal matters I’m ready to share techniques and inspire growth. I do this through classes, private sessions, book- and course recommendations, and more. I believe just about anyone can be able to manage their thoughts and words without being consumed by them. Everyone can use a dose of mindfulness and self-awareness.


Disclaimer: Whenever you sign up for any of my services or follow my recommendations you also agree to use the information shared with respect for yourself and others. You also agree to avoid using it to cause harm! Intentionally causing someone harm will result in the enforced power of the law of cause and effect.

Black Marble
Black Marble


My mission is to increase the quality of life whenever and wherever possible.


My vision is to live in a world where people are connected and living from the level of their higher self. Knowing that every thought is a prayer, every word is an affirmation. Hence being mindful and self-aware.

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