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How to effectively empower someone

Over the course of my lifetime, I've had many people come to me for help and guidance. I naturally attract others who need my support. Since I was a kid this has happened and I applied all my abilities to help whomever resolve whatever problem. This quickly became a double-edged sword and it took me much too long to realize what was happening. Most people I was helping ended up blaming me for their failures and misfortunes. I couldn't understand what I was doing wrong and figured that maybe I wasn't trying hard enough. Taking the blame and starting to feel responsible for others became a toxic pattern for my own well-being. I would do what I could and then walk away being hurt and upset not understanding the world anymore. I failed over and over again even to the point of physically being threatened and hurt by others whom I was helping. Frustrated with myself I isolated myself after each period and tried a different approach until I found my current mentor. She saw what the pattern was that I was oblivious to yet she didn't come out to tell me. She asked me many questions and included the pieces I needed in her courses. The amount of patience and perseverance she has with her clients is astonishing to me. This taught me more than life has so far. I'm someone who is mainly moved by positive directions rather than running from fears. In my mentors' language, this is called a 'move-toward' strategy. What I have learned is that I used my psychic abilities to tune in and find the solution for others instead of helping them find it themself. Doing that takes the lesson away from the other person and of course, the kickback I received from the law of cause and effect was only natural. I also learned that every person's energy has a default function that we may or may not be aware of. Yet this happens naturally and we do it usually without realizing it. Only through great self-reflection can one find these natural patterns. I happen to open and empower any subject and add energy to it. This means that if someone just wants to vent to me and dumps their nasty energy without a desire to resolve it, then I take on this energy since I'm empathic and then empower it and sometimes give it back but mostly just keep it in my own space until I suffocate. These are toxic patterns that aren't helpful and this is one reason my empaths are either overweight or become introverts because they're tired of everyone's shit! But it can be different! I was lucky enough to find such a great mentor to show me how I was sabotaging myself and gave me the tools to do the change work that I needed to do myself. This is one reason why I offer the sessions that I do. If all psychic empaths learned these tools and methods then how wonderful would the world be? In therapy we sit down and add more energy to the shit we suffered through and most life coaches tell us what to do and how to do it to be successful yet it's only helpful to a few. Understanding the default function of our energy is the first step to understanding your own needs better and realizing limiting patterns. If you don't know what your patterns are then how do you even attempt to change them? All this has been useful to me. Doing it the wrong way has taught me a much bigger lesson than just being told how to do it the right way. My goal with my own clients today is to help them find their own patterns and then send them to learn the tools to 'fix' themselves. The first step is to ask the right questions. It is less about changing who you are and more about becoming who you came here to be. Rarely do we get the rules upfront but life is worth experiencing and giving up isn't an option when you're part of the souls that came to make this world a better place for future generations. I encourage you to reach out to me and book a session so we can get you on the path of unfolding your inner power!


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