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Truth is circumstantial

One thing I have learned on my journey so far is that truth is circumstantial. It always depends on the situation and person what is truth. When we assume we know what another wants we operate from the ego and a know-it-all pattern. This is why it is almost impossible for anyone to give you advice. We can merely make suggestions on what one can try to find a working solution. The best solution is to meditate and ask the higher self what needs to be done in any given situation. If you need help connecting to your higher self then read the book 'Waking Up in 5D' by Maureen St. Germain. There is an amazing meditation course that I can recommend when you reach out to me. Many religions and cultures have their own process on how things need to be done and if this is how you were raised then I suggest looking there to find something that can work for you. Your higher self is always the best option. Make it a habit to ask before you do anything. Near my house are train tracks and there is no telling when the train may come. So every time I'm driving home I simply ask which road to take and I get direct instructions saying turn left or right or pull over and wait. This has kept me safe and made many situations much easier for me. I also regularly hear 'change lanes now' just to see that someone wasn't paying attention and pulling into my lane the second I started to change lanes. Sometimes it's because there is a large object on the road that I could not see in time and that could've damaged my vehicle. Either way, the higher self connection can bring you solutions to your problems, protect you, or simply help you be in the right place at the right time. This is why truth is circumstantial and you can trust that there is a higher power always looking out for you if you learn to listen! These communications from your higher self can also come in a visual or tactile/feeling form.


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