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How to prepare for energetic shifts

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Survive the next 10 years by stepping into your own Energy!

Things are shifting very quickly at the moment and they will continue to do so! They may even speed up and if you haven't done any shadow work you will be confronted with your shadows. Everything is coming to light and it is time to step into your own energy! But what does this mean? It means staying in your body and being present in the here and now. Let me give you an example. When someone sends you a voice message they may choose a certain tone or specific words they wouldn't use when they're in their own energy. Someone may be completely insensitive and say hurtful things that they aren't aware of. But if they would take the time to write or type the message out then they would be more aware of the impact of their words. How is that? When you type or write something you use your kinesthetic channel and you're more likely to feel what you're communicating. But when you send a voice message many things may be just babbled meaninglessly unless your strong channel is the auditory channel. Most people aren't kinesthetic or auditory so it becomes a challenge when communicating with someone who is auditory or kinesthetic! So then how do you come into your energy? It's simple!! Feel your body! Your soul lives inside of your body so when you connect inside and to the energy that's running within you, you become aware of your internal condition and also receive communication in form of physical impulses from your soul! With repeated practice, you will then activate your internal communication channels. You start to step into your own energy and body! Believe it or not but many people can't focus inside. The easiest and most effective method that I have found is called the 'Kinesthetic Energy Movement'! Through this technique, you start to come into your own energy and also clear out stagnate or dark energies from your body and aura. When this happens you will be able to hold more light energy making it easier to move with the energetic shifts. You'll learn to feel, move and pull energy inside your body. This is a great skill to have and you will become more aware of your internal condition and how your soul responds to different people, situations, and things. But that's not all! You will receive the impulses given by your soul in difficult situations especially when you're in danger, and you will also become a healer! What a great side effect don't you think?

I have learned this method from a senior Taoist master and am happy to pass it on to anyone who is ready to step into their own energy. The more light each person holds will have a tremendously positive effect on their family, community, and the entire planet. When will you choose to step into your energy? See the link below to start holding more energy today!


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